Top Irish Golfers

Ireland has a long history of producing top golfers with Padraig Harrington (2008 PGA Championship and 2007/2008 British Opens) and Shane Lowry (2019 British Open) winning major golf titles in recent years.

This article will look at who are the top ranked Irish Golfers in May 2023 according to the Official World Golf Ranking (or “OWGR”).

The top three golfers from Ireland are currently Shane Lowry (26), Seamus Power (42), and Padraig Harrington (212).

The list below includes Paul Dunne (1334) who was the first amateur since 1927 to lead the Open Championship after 54 holes at the 2015 British Open.

Top Irish Golfers

Top Ranked Irish Golfers (OWGR Rankings)

Irish RankIngOWGR RankingGolfer
126Shane Lowry
242Seamus Power
3212Padraig Harrington
4586Ruaidhri Mcgee
5610Gary Hurley
6612Conor Purcell
7625John Murphy
8800Niall Kearney
91066David Carey
101334Paul Dunne
111379Stuart Grehan
121438Ronan Mullarney
131615Robin Dawson
141725Jonathan Yates
151747Paul Mcbride
161751Simon Thornton
171818Kevin Phelan
182046Gavin Moynihan
192160Conor O’Rourke
202341James Sugrue
212381Robert Moran
222434Paul Murphy
232658Michael Young
242694Rowan Lester
T-252747Devin Morley
T-252747Tyler Hogarty
272773Brendan Mccarroll
282795Daniel Mulligan
292880Liam Grehan
T-303088Tim Rice
T-313088Luke Donnelly
T-323608Mark Power
T-323608Michael Dallat
T-323608Daniel Brennan
T-323608Cameron Raymond
T-323608Richard O’Donovan
T-323608Robert Brazill
T-323608Simon Bryan
T-323608Brian Mccormack
T-323608David Higgins
T-323608Neil O’Briain
T-323608Barrie Trainor
T-323608Colm Moriarty
T-323608Shane Franklin
T-323608Peter O’Keefe
T-323608Stephen Grant
T-323608Jack Hearn
T-323608Eoin Leonard
T-323608Ignatius Mcguinness
T-323608Conor Coyne
T-323608Sean Keeling
T-323608Graham Tumilty
T-323608John Scallon
T-323608Caolan Rafferty
T-323608Brendan Walton
T-323608Damian Murphy
T-323608Rhys Clarke
T-323608John Hickey
T-323608Marc Boucher
T-323608Brendan Lawlor
T-323608Dylan Brophy
T-323608Andrew Browne
T-323608Dan Byrne
T-323608Eoin O’Brien
T-323608Charlie Williams
T-323608Jamie Butler
T-323608Charlie Connell
T-323608Daniel Curry
T-323608David Kitt
T-323608Nathan Mccann
T-323608Adam Mulhall
T-323608Ruairi O Connor
T-323608Hugh O’Hare
T-323608David Pilkington
T-323608Hugh Foley
T-323608James Gould-Healy

Ranking last updated: 24/05/2023

Golf Major Championship Winners from Ireland

To date, Ireland has had two Major Golf Winners and they were Padraig Harrington who won the 2007 and 2008 British Open, as well as the 2008 PGA Championship, and Shane Lowry who won the 2019 British Open.